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Youth group for kids with ADHD and their siblings at Heart of Scotstoun


Since early 2018, the Dunbarton Road Corridor Youth Project has run a youth club specifically for kids with ADHD and their brothers and sisters, aged 8 - 12, alongside our ADHD Parent Support Group.


The group runs on the last Wednesday of each month from 6 - 7.45pm, with our parent support group running alongside so that parents can stay and share information and support (though dropping your kids and returning at the end is an option too...)


The group is led by the qualified DRC youth workers who have also had training on ADHD and offer a range of activities which are fun for the kids and also enable them to learn more about themselves and about ADHD.   These include air hockey, computer games, craft activities and trips to the local park.  


Feedback from parents includes:


"My child loves it – he loves it in here .  He said ‘it’s great – everyone is like me’.  And the kids have tolerance for each other."


"For my son this is the only place that he is consistently positive about, and he’s counting the days on the calendar for the next group.  And I expect it’s the same for everyone else, but the amount of sports and activities that you’ve tried and worked your way through, and they just can’t maintain it.  And it kind of wears them, it’s not good for their self esteem.  But being able to come here is so positive."


"The whole time they’ve been here and the youth group has been running, I’ve not been aware of an issue.    There’s really not been one.  It’s pretty amazing."  



Older kids are welcome to come along and volunteer as co-leaders to help out at the group.  If yours would like to do this, just email us in advance.   Unfortunately due to insurance and ratios, children younger than 8 cannot come to the youth group.


No need to book - just turn up.

Parents / carers bringing kids for the first time will need to complete a registration form.



Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre is at 64 Balmoral St, Glasgow G14 0BL  (View map)