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Our volunteer team


We are totally parent-led, and the more people are willing to help out, the more we will be able to achieve.  If you would be interested in getting involved in any way, however small, please let us know.  


Currently we have a fantastic committee of five who make everything possible:  


Geraldine Mynors - Chair


I co-founded the group back in 2014 after moving to Glasgow from my native London.  My son has ADHD, diagnosed when he was 7, and he is now moving into adulthood, so I have had the opportunity to learn about and experience ADHD through all the ages and stages of childhood.  


I have spent most of my career in NHS management and public health, but I’m now training to be a CBT psychotherapist.   I really enjoy listening to parents and trying to understand how families are working (or not working).  I was also Chair of the Scottish ADHD Coalition until 2019.


Within the group I lead many of the meetings and do much of the organisation.  I also enjoy running training for teachers, youth leaders and other professionals about ADHD.


Tracy Young - Vice Chair


I helped to set up the group as I was looking for information and support after my daughter was diagnosed.   I am a Mum of four kids, each one different and they do like to keep me busy.   I have always volunteered and worked within communities, which allows me to get to know people well.  I work as a family support worker and a group facilitator within two Glasgow based charities, I love my work as I get to meet so many different types people.


Last year I graduated from the University of Strathclyde with an Honours Degree in Education and Social Services. Still not sure how that happened but I did learn loads and again, met some lovely people over the years of studying.


Within the group I get involved with group facilitation, planning events throughout the year and helping out on Zoom.  I’m always keen to help when I can, enjoy a wee laugh and try to see the best in every situation.


Angela Collum - New Member Liaison and Telephone Support


My youngest son was diagnosed 5 years ago with ADHD. A new diagnosis was a very confusing, worrying and isolating time for myself and my family. However, joining this group has helped me learn new parental skills, bond with other parents through our shared experiences and feel part of a community that inspires hope and a sense of togetherness.


This has no doubt helped me through the most challenging of times and furthermore, enabled me to pass on helpful strategies to my son, educationalists and others so we can all work more effectively together.


Within the group I get involved in contacting new members to see what advice and support they might need and joining them up to the Facebook group.  I also help to facilitate meetings and training events that we run.


Pam Gourlay - Parents of teens' meetings


My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 13. We had been struggling as a family for a while. I found out about the group and went to a meeting. It gave me an immediate sense of relief and a mountain was lifted from my shoulders. Here were people who understood – finally. Who would listen – finally. And who had experiences, knowledge and learning to share. I was hooked.


I help to organise the work that we do with parents of teens with ADHD – my son is now 19 so we have been through all the stages. I also get involved in planning wider activities. I have benefited so much from the people I have met and the support of the group and I want other families to have the support they need.


My day job is about equalities and my main area of interest is how in Scotland, we can make sure that everyone has the best opportunity in life.


Claire Dolan - Treasurer


My oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 8, back in 2016.  He also has epilepsy and problems with sleep.  I joined the group a few weeks later as I didn't know much about ADHD and what to expect from the medication he had been put on.  The group gives great support and information to parents and makes you feel that you are normal and not alone.    What I've found is that there are no silly quesitons, and you shouldn't be frightened to ask, as someone will be there to help you.


Within the group I keep track of the money side of things - ensuring that we have enough funds to pay for our meeting venues, website and other events that we run, as well as looking after donations.