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What happens at our meetings

Our meetings are friendly and informal.   Currently we meet once or twice a month, alternating between mornings and evenings to make it easy for working and non-working parents to get along.  Other carers like grandparents, are really welcome too.

Our belief is that all of us as parents are doing the best we can for our children and that between us we already have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to share with each other.    At some of our meetings we simply share what’s been happening with us lately over a cup of tea – good and bad.   Sometimes we run the meeting as an informal workshop covering a topic such as managing school issues or listening to your child’s feelings.    At others, we bring in expert speakers to give us their insights on a particular topic.  



The meeting groundrules we have agreed are:


  • Keep what’s said confidential

  • Respect each other’s contributions and allow everyone to speak

  • Make the group a stress free space – no pressure to contribute

  • Recognise that ADHD is a real condition

  • Be honest and real but stay positive!

  • Be productive – share information and expertise as well as problems.